Updated Classes and Travel Division Definition.

The class listings for AA and AAA have all been updated, they now reflect the correct people in each one. (HERE)

The Travel definition has been updated as per the current PSA standard. HERE

All February entries have been confirmed as at 2/4/2016 9:15PM.


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Five Planets Will Align In Early Morning Sky

For the next few weeks, five of the brightest planets in our solar system will be visible to the naked eye in the pre-dawn sky.
Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter will all be visible across the sky for the first time in more than a decade. You will also be able to see the stars Spica and Antares.
This quintet of planets can best be seen about an hour before sunrise from January 20 through the end of February.
There are some insights into how to spot the planets > stars twinkle – planets don’t. If you’re looking toward that portion of the sky – eastern, southeastern, and around to the south – you should be able to tell the stars from the planets because the planets don’t twinkle.
The planets should appear brighter than the stars. Venus will be the brightest of the planets you will be able to see.
Towards the end of January the moon will help guide your eyes in the sky because it will slide past each of the planets as it transitions from a full moon to a new moon.
If you have binoculars, you should be able to see the four large moons of Jupiter. With a telescope you should be able to see the rings of Saturn.
There will be another opportunity to see the alignment of planets in the evening sky next August.

Herb Spencer.

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2016 San Joaquin Valley International Exhibition of Photography

Information and entry details here.

Entry Form:Here.

Entry Status Here.


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Well that’s 2015 in the Bag!

1st – Old Nash Goes to Heaven – Art Serabian
2nd – Fall Color Colorado – Sharon McLemore
3rd – Fort Point Spiral – Dean Taylor
HM – In Plane Site – Art Serabian
HM – Loyben Church with Blue Porcelain Tower – Austria – Norma Mastin
1st – NYC at Night – Sharon McLemore
2nd – Vineyard Oak – Dean Taylor
3rd – Little White Dove Crossing River – Sam Shaw
HM – Arcade in Old Town Havana – John Greening
HM – Popcorn Girl – Jonathan Rollins
1st – Didn’t You Say Bring Skateboards – Carol Marshall
2nd – A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words – Dee Humphrey
3rd – Don’t Build Rock Piles – Elizabeth Bedard
HM – Daffy’s – Jonathan Rollins
HM – Down Here – John Greening
1st – Female Western Bluebird with Insect – Sam Shaw
2nd – Osprey Returning to Nest with Fish – Sharon McLemore
3rd – Clerid Beetle Carring Pollen – John Greening
HM – Agitated Grizzly – Jim Cunningham
HM – Wild Dogs at Impala Kill – Norma Mastin
1st – Diving to First Place – Patrick Rhames
2nd – Looking for Hot Spots – Sam Shaw
3rd – Ready to Steer Wrestle – John Greening
HM – July 4th Old and Young – Heide Stover
HM – Surviving in the Tenderloin – Sharon McLemore
1st – Skull Arch, Alabama Hills – Sharon McLemore
2nd – Dark Lighthouse against Sullen Sea – Patrick Rhames
3rd – Sphere by the Bridge – Sam Shaw
HM – Morning in Lake Blanc – Ning Lin
HM – Pueblo Moon – John Greening
1st – Hiking Tour du Mont Blanc – Ning Lin
2nd – Clonmacnoise Monestery Ireland – John Greening
3rd – Colorful Guanajuato, Mexico – Jim Cunningham
HM – Beer Garden in Munich Germany – Heide Stover
HM – Mesa Verde Cliff Dwelling – Sharon McLemore

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EOY – Entries Due by midnight, Sunday November 8th.

The December 13th Council meeting will include the annual awards ceremony for the 2015 high point winners in each class for each of the divisions, the highest individual point winners and the high point winner amongst the clubs. Also awarded with be plaques and ribbons for the winners in the End of the Year Competition (EOY) described below.

The meeting will include SHORT photo programs, one per club. These should be five to seven minutes long, and the topic is your choice. So organize with your club members what you would like to share.

For the EOY Competition each Council member may enter two images in each category. No classes, entry forms or entry fees are involved, just a maximum of two images per category that were entered in a Council competition during 2015. Humor entries are the exception and do not need to have been previously entered.
1. Print Categories – Color & Monochrome
2. Digital Categories – Pictorial, Nature, PJ, Travel & Humor

The deadline for both the digital and print entries is Sunday November 8th, the day of the November Council meeting. The digital entries are due by midnight and the print entries at the end of the meeting. Both digital and print images entered in the competition that day may be entered in the EOY competition. The prints will be packed into photo travel cases and carried to Stockton to be judged. They will be returned at the December Council meeting. Digital entries except for those for Humor are to be entered the traditional way through sjvccc.org. The Humor entries are to be emailed to submissions@sjvccc.org.

I think that covers it, but if there are questions please let me know.


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October Entries.

All images received have been confirmed and listed on the entries page.


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